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Request a private fitting by skype !


Lola Luna show room
​Live Lingerie fitting by skype


My name isAdelina , I am Russian.

I would be very happy to help you to choose your G-string.  
The fittings will be done in my home ,
and you can see me live by Skype.



Adelina show room


Dear customers
From now, we offer you the possibility to see our items on a live model.
This will allowed you to choose in the best conditions.

Of course, Adelina needs a small participation 

try 10 mn : 4€

try 20 mn : 8€

try 30 mn : 15€

try 40 mn : 30€

 Warning: Adelina does not speaks well English.
So ... use simple words and no abbreviations.

Please Be polite and respectful with Adelina. Thank you !





How does it works ...

It's very easy
1) Contact Adelina by skype . skype address : 
2)she will add you in her contacts
3) She will ask you the payment , and the fittings will start



How to contact someone by skype

  1) Open your skype
  2) on the top left of the page, you will see :  "search" ...  in this box, write  :    lolaluna_show_room
  3) then click on "search in skype"
  4) select  lolaluna_show_room (working as model for lola luna) and then click on "add in your contacts"  ...


After she receives your payment,
the fitting session can start !


Here is the list of the items that she can try for you.

Yemandja ouvert Vanina ouvert Valentine ouvert Bombay Roxanne ouvert
Roxanne micro Natacha ouvert Milena ouvert Lizia micro Kali ouvert
Irina ouvert Gaia ouvert Carmen fermé Carole micro Butterfly ouvert
Agatha ivoire Zambie ouvert Venus ouvert Montecarlo ouvert togo micro
Sheerazade fermé        


maillot wendy mini jupe wendy jupe lola Top Camille