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Sarah micro Liza micro






Lena open Lena micro Lena Closed






Flore set String Juliette





Vera set




New Bikinis

Bikini tresse Buzios Bikini String Santorin Bikini string Marbella




New model

String ouvert salomé



New model

G-string Carla






New models

Romelie micro Romelie ouvert


New models

Micro AMBRE String ouvert AMBRE


New models

Half cup bra CELESTE set Half cup bra EVE set






New model

Set Rouja




Set BELIZE white

Belize ouvert white G-string Belize micro white G-string
Belize closed white G-string Belize white set




Strings ELSA and ROUJA

string ouvert elsa
String ouvert elsa String ouvert Rouja





String TOGO 

Togo Micro togo ouvert togo closed




JULIA micro

Julia Micro




Set BELIZE black

Set Belize Open string Belize Micro string Belize




Gaia set


Gael micro Fanny open
tournesol micro



G-string Celeste closed
Victoria set Mini skirt Luna Mini skirt Lily Celeste G-string


Closed G-string Kamala Valia micro
Kamala G-string Victoria "Nu" Valia micro string



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Gift boxes Open strings Closed strings Micro strings Lingerie sets
Sexy clothes Bikinis string Classic bikinis Accessories Promotions




G-string bikinis Non G-string bikinis




New BH "Victoria NU" Mini skirt Lily




New G-string

String Celeste closed String Celeste Open String Celeste micro






Exceptional G-string
Lola Luna Collector



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 String Kamala closed    String Kamala open





Minirock Luna


New models

Open string Chloe Micro string Valia






New : Nightie "Victoria" New : Top "Victoria"  




Gift box victoria open ANAYA set Gift box Scarlett open




New model "Scarlett" New jewel "Gabrielle"












Most popular

Victoria set  (also available with half cup bra) Gaia set








Open G-strings

 Open string Victoria Open string Ibis Open string Irina Open string Montecarlo





Gift boxes

Yahra gift box Victoria gift box Natacha gift box Eve gift box





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